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His first analytical won the Somerset Maugham Award. Written by Andrew Posted in The Writing Life Tagged with creative writing courses, learning, MA's, teaching 15 comments. October 5, - am Debbie.

Creative Writing (On-Campus or By Distance Learning), Ph.D.

I’m interested to see this, Andrew, since I have already started a learning journal for what I am calling my DIY writing masterclass, entirely for me and made up by me, as an alternative to doing an MA in Creative Writing, which I have.

Home Learning & Home Study Courses. Here at NCC, we have hundreds of home learning courses available to you, all at the click of a button.

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Whether you are looking to top up your existing qualifications with home study in a core subject area or are embarking on a career change, we have a range of courses and options to suit your requirements. Choose Kingston's Creative Writing MFA.

Kingston University is proud to offer the first Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in the UK. Atlantic International University is a unique alternative to the more than 6, traditional colleges and universities in the United States, we utilize a sustainable and andragogic approach to learning with an open curriculum design.

Take your creative writing skills to the next level with the NCFE Level 3 Creative Writing course from Oxbridge Home Learning.

Creative Writing PhD (On-Campus or by Distance Learning)

Take your creative writing skills to the next level with the NCFE Creative Writing Level 3 Diploma from Oxbridge Home Learning. The course is specially designed for study by distance learning. Throughout the course.

Transactional distance theory was developed in the s by Dr. Michael G. Moore, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Education at the Pennsylvania State University (Moore, ).

It is the first pedagogical theory specifically derived from analysis of teaching and learning conducted through technology as opposed to the many theories developed in the classroom.

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